Aftercare and Service

4K-AV Aftercare and Service

Probably one of the most important and yet most often overlooked aspects of any AV product, aftercare and maintenance are key to getting the most out of your system.

Effective AV maintenance offers one of the easiest ways to maximise your return on investment. A properly maintained system ensures maximum time operating at its peak level and avoids you the inconvenient and often costly pitfalls associated with repairing a system that has been poorly kept.

Regular AV servicing is also the best way to spot any oncoming troubles thereby significantly reducing the chance of encountering a system failure at critical moments such as in meetings with clients.

At 4K-AV we pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction and so offer a complimentary 3-month warranty period on works as standard.

Following on from this we have a range of maintenance packages available to suit your system requirements and budget. All maintenance packages purchased at the point of system purchase or completion will receive a 10% discount on their first year.

*parts are covered by their respective manufacturers warranty terms and so have differing warranty periods.

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