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Multiroom Audio Visual systems are a great way to level up your home experience or dip your toes into the Smart Home waters.

Need to head to the kitchen to get dinner on but don’t want to miss the end of your favourite show?!

Want to be able to Netflix and chill in the lounge or the bedroom as the mood takes you but don’t want full tv units in every room messing with your feng shui?!

Excited to embrace indoor / outdoor living each summer and want to use music to help blend the two spaces?!

Multiroom Audio Visual can help you achieve all that and more. From something as simple as taking SONOS throughout your living space to using Control4 to run multiple rooms off a centralised system multiroom can be tailored to suit your space and your budget in the same way a smart home can.

For anyone tempted by the idea of a total smart home this is a great first step. Multiroom offers you some of the key experiences of a smart home and if you decide to take the plunge can later be integrated into a broader system.

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