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At 4K-AV we are passionate about supporting you to fully enjoy your home. By providing you with high-quality Control4 smart home services we can help you make this a reality across all aspects of your home life.

Want your blinds to open so you’re woken by natural light in the morning?
We have a solution for that.

Want it to be later on the weekends because lay ins are life?
We have a solution for that.

Want a one switch solution to save precious minutes turning off all the lights and devices when you’re trying to get out the door?
We have a solution for that.

Want a pet friendly programme that sets your lights to come on before you get home, so they aren’t left in the dark?
We have a solution for that.

Want to control your home from a single handset covering TV, audio, lighting, heating, blinds and security?
We have a solution for that.

A bespoke Control4 smart home system can incorporate as many, or as few, elements as you choose across the range of services that we offer. Systems are designed to be able to grow and develop alongside the needs of you and your family, in the same way that you would adapt your home.

The beauty of a bespoke service is that systems can be tailored to suit the broadest range of properties and budgets whilst still ensuring you get the maximum benefit for your home. From building a smart home system from scratch to utilising Control4 technology to integrate existing home systems across audio, visual, lighting and heating we can tailor a solution to your exact needs.

We have trusted electrical partners who we work with in order to bring your home to life. So, if you are after more than just a smart home, our partners have you covered.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can make your home work smarter.

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