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Dimmer switches. Up there with the best inventions of the 20th century, right?!

An almost seamless transition from ‘working from home lighting’ to ‘family dinner lighting’ to ‘movie night on the couch lighting’. But if anyone has managed to nail a dimmer switch transition from one setting to the other in under 4 spins, I think we all need to know your secret!

As annoying as trying to set the perfect mood for every aspect of our days with those swivvelly little knobs is it’s the best solution out there right?!


Smart lighting systems are the one click wonder you need to bring your lighting into the 21st century.

Whether you are looking to control a single light, dual lights or even multiple lights, lamps and LEDs within the same space we can adapt your smart lighting to your household needs. Smart lighting systems are available with either switch, keypad or even voice control or are able to be integrated into a full smart home set up. Let us bring the vibe you want for your home to life.

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