System Takeovers

4K-AV System Takeovers

We’ve all had those purchases that got us as excited as a kid on Christmas morning but then left us feeling deflated when the reality fell far short of the expectation we had been sold.

Got a system that is in need of some maintenance, but your previous provider is ghosting you?

Promised a fully integrated smart home solution but been left with something that looks like it was thrown together by Frankenstein’s plastic surgeon?

Media room looks like a dream but is operationally a nightmare?

We can help.

Here at 4K-AV we specialize in system take overs and pride ourselves on being able to bring failing systems back to life whatever your issues. We have the knowledge and knowhow to troubleshoot your existing issues, fine tune the system to meet your original spec and even support you in growing the system to suit your evolving needs.

As with all areas of our work we can work within your budget to help restore your confidence in the system you have already invested in and get your smart home working for you, not against you.

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